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Movie: The Movie

This is about the funniest thing that happened Oscar night:

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Stephen Colbert does not hate kittens!

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Good news? Really

Southern Beale has some good news, which I agree we need.

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What has Minneapolis ever done to you?

DougJ at Balloon Juice says:

I’ll give you a topic, though. New Orleans had a hundred years of the nation’s worst crime and corruption, but it gave the world Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, and étoufféé. Minneapolis had a hundred years of safety and solid Scandinavian values, and what did they produce? The Mall of America.

Well, there’s this:

And this:

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Girl Scouts, can’t trust ’em

Via Balloon Juice comments.



Radical Face:

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Hello world!

With the world the way it is, we need more laughter, and maybe some music. This is my humble attempt.

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